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What are runes?

Originating within the ancient Germanic culture, the runes are a symbolic magical language that describes the structure of the universe, the workings of the mind, and the evolution of consciousness. They are a powerful tool for personal transformation. The runes illustrate the evolution of consciousness through the three levels of our being: Body, Mind, and Soul. Rune Reading is an intuitive science that brings logical principles together with the infinite powers of imagination and intuition.

The rune spread drawn in a reading describes how your unique circumstances and inner forces are interacting in that given moment. The rune spread also indicates the degree of balance or imbalance within your daily life, your mind, and your soul. I use the Nine World Rune Spread – a rare and largely unknown method of interpreting runes which gives greater specificity to the meaning of each rune and the relationships between them.


The ancient Germanic culture, among many others, believed the universe was comprised of 9 worlds, or dimensions, that make up the Tree of Life, Yggdrasil. Our world, Midgard or “Middle Earth,” is the convergence point of the other 8 surrounding worlds. The energies of these other 8 worlds mix and mingle to create our physical 3D reality. Each of the 24 runes have a home in one of the 8 surrounding worlds, as well as upon one of the three levels of our being (Body, Mind, Soul). 

The runes are the language of the Unconscious Mind, which accounts for 90% of our mental activity. The Unconscious Mind contains the unknown and unexplored driving forces behind all of our reactions, behaviors, thoughts, emotions and desires. In addition to helping us better understand your Unconscious Mind, runes are also a programming language we can to reprogram it, if it has become stuck in repetitive, unproductive and self-sabotaging patterns. I provide all clients a unique Rune Meditation to help reprogram and update the operating system of the Unconscious Mind.

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