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What is vedic astrology?

Vedic astrology is a powerful tool for personal transformation, allowing us to understand ourselves and the circumstances of our lives. It is an intuitive science that originated in the Vedic civilization of ancient India. Vedic astrology is a sidereal system, meaning that it observes the physical cosmos, as opposed to the ellipses (the 12 sectors of the horizon named for constellations) used in Western tropical astrology. 

In contrast to mainstream Western astrology, Vedic astrology focuses not only on the Sun sign, but also on other features in the birth chart such as the Moon sign, the Ascendant, the House of Reflection, and the Chosen Planet, Planet of Destiny, and Wealth Planet. This lends Vedic astrology a level of specificity that allows one to develop tailor-made strategies for living life, building success, protecting and improving health, and maximizing happiness and fulfillment.


Vedic astrology makes this possible by helping capitalize upon one’s natural strengths and talents as well as revealing one’s lifelong self-sabotaging Subconscious and Unconscious patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior. While the vast majority of self-improvement courses and media engage only the Conscious mind, it is in fact the Subconscious and Unconscious minds that account for more than 90% of human behavior. They must be understood and addressed in order to bring about any meaningful behavioral changes. Vedic astrology helps bridge that gap. The Subconscious and Unconscious are the source of our reactions, preferences, prejudices, attitudes, and beliefs. 

The Subconscious and Unconscious Minds can be equated to a computer's operating system that runs in the background and supports the applications that the user interacts with directly. Vedic astrology helps us to perform system updates on our Mind's operating system to make meaningful changes in our lives.