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This qigong practice focuses on building the strength of the Lower Self, which often gets a bad name in the New Age and spiritual communities. The Lower Self, AKA the Ego, is necessary for 3D existence and is a powerful servant to the Soul, which lives in the Heart Center. 

Thor's Hammer Qigong

  • An energizing and refreshing mind-body practice based on traditional Chinese qigong movements and inspired by the lore of Thor, the Norse thunder god and protector of humanity and the Earth. Thor's older name is "Thunar," meaning "Lord of the Divine Mind." As the Lord of the Divine Mind, Thor is the patron and protector of Higher Consciousness.  


    This practice builds energy in the physical body and in the aura, and promotes a feeling of spiritual "connectedness." You will develop a greater awareness of your body and learn how to tune into your Subconscious Mind. Thor's Hammer Qigong also builds will power and helps you to hack into your Subconscious Mind to create and build success. 


    Thor's Hammer Qigong is recommended as a day time practice since it is powerful and energizing. 

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