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Celestial Alchemy Qigong builds the connection to the High Self. The Higher Self works like an upgrade sensor that searches for insights that will accelerate the Soul's evolution. This practice builds connection with the Celestial gods and goddesses: the stars and planets. 

Celestial Alchemy Qigong Level 1

  • A very simple and easy to learn, yet powerful and very effecitive, qigong practice. Celestial Qigong originated with the Mao Shan sect of Chinese Taoism, as part of their Shang Ching tradition. Shang Ching is the "heaven," or dimension, where the ascended masters who the Mao Shan channelled teachings from reside. Celestial Qigong is a very grounding, cleansing, and healing practice. 


    The "Celestial" in Celestial Qigong refers to the Celestial Gods, which is what shamanistic cultures understand the stars, planets, Sun, and Moon to be. This practice opens the practitioner's being to the Celestials so that they can help cleanse, heal, and align the body, mind, and soul of the practitioner. Celestial Qigong helps practitioners to bring greater awareness to their bodies, their energy, and their Subconscious Minds. 


    Celestial Qigong is a great primer to bring the practitioner to a meditative state before meditating on a planetary mantra (given in a Vedic Astrology reading), or before a Rune meditaton (given during a Rune Reading). Celestial Qigong is, ideally, a night time practice because this is when the stars, planets, and Mooon shine brightest. It those suffering from insomnia to relax and "wind down." Celestial Qigong is, however, a highly effective and powerful practice at any time of day. 

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