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July 2022 Astrology: Popular Outrage, Rioting, Beginning of the End for the Global Elite

Check out my July 2022 predictions and analysis on YouTube.

July begins with a mixture of celebration and bickering over partisan issues promoted by the news media's ongoing political reality show. The planetary alignment of six planets in their home signs gives us an abundance of potential energy to manifest our desires in our lives, but also creates the potential for non-productive arguing and fighting. On July 12, retrograde Saturn transits back in Capricorn. This will put the world's hierarchical institutions (government, finance, big business, etc.) under intense pressure from the people of the world. People in power will be trying, intensely, to cover their asses and maintain their reputations as people all over the world lose trust in incompetent and ineffectual puppet leaders. A rare conjunction of Uranus, Rahu, and Mars will occur 24° Aries on July 31. Uranus and Rahu last met at 22° Aries in March of 1855 before the infamous "Bleeding Kansas" election in which massive election fraud took place and laid the foundation for the American Civil War which began in 1861. The conjunction on July 31, 2022 will be more powerful than the one in 1855 because Mars, the planet of energy, vitality, warrior energy, and violence will be conjunct Uranus in Rahu. When we look back at 2022 from the future, we will see that the events on or around July 31 will have primed more significant events than even the American Civil War. There will likely be election fraud in either the 2022 mid term elections or the matter of election fraud in the 2020 presidential election will be resurrected. To Book Readings: #americanrevolution #secondamericanrevolution #civilwar #secondamericancivilwar #seccession #warofsecession #uranus #rahu #mars #aries #vedicastrology #jyotish #astrology #globalawakening #globalelite

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I think we are all looking forward to increased anger in a way to force the change we want to see. This is a great thing to see forecasted!

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